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    SEMINARCONCEPT PAPER”STRENGTHENING TVET COMPETENCEAND INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP”25 - 26 May 2016, Malang, IndonesiaA critical challenge that face Indonesia is the development of a competentworkforce to support a sustainable socio economic growth. The humanresources development through TVET Education initiatives contributesignificantly in promoting the competitiveness of the companies, socialprogress and the society at large in a global environment.This international seminar “Strengthening TVET Competence andInternational Parthnership” will focus on the issues of the developmentof human resources and the challenge of building the capacity of educationalinstitutions, the national and international recognition of professional skillsacquired by students; the necessary synergy of education systems with theindustry to prepare the students for the 21st Century skills driving force fortheir future employability.The main mission of the Directorate of Technical and Vocational Education,Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education, Ministry ofEducation and Culture. Indonesia is to prepare qualified human resources atthe middle level workers and responsible citizens. Therefore by conductingthis international seminar, we expect to identify current and new approachesof TVET education, to promote the establishment of partnership andnetworking among other institutions and industry. The strategy 2015 - 2019of the PSMK already emphasis on the necessity to open the SMK - Teachers,Staff and Students - on their ecosystem at the local level but also at the globallevel. As an example, the instrument of the Teaching factory is one of the maincomponents of this orientation valuing the dual education system and thenetworking between SMK and stakeholders.This seminar is held in parallel to the organization of the Indonesian SkillsCompetation, In Indonesian we called it Lomba Keterampilan Siswa (LKS)2 Strengthening TVET Competence and International Partnershipbe focused on some specific field studies that will potentially contribute to theharmonization and Internationalization between TVET institutions:a. To set up a standard competency of TVET through the improvement ofb. To promote and develop curriculum harmonization and Internationalizationc. To create a sustainable networking platform among participating TVETd. To identify practical mechanisms and comprehensive action plans that willfor Technical and Vocational Education/ Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan (SMK)2016. Those competitions are an important time for the entire educationalcommunity and the professionals. They give the opportunity to present theexpertise of SMK in vocational education and enable students to showcase52 specialties compete for this year. The competitors are the delegates fromthe 34 provinces of Indonesia. In the series of events, LKS SMK held alsoexhibitions of the students ‘work and performing arts vocational school fromAs part of this collaborative and region-wide effort in Indonesia, thisseminar will serve as a vehicle for developing a networking platform toachieve collective goals. This seminar will act as a instrument for developingcurriculum harmonization and their internationalization through out teacher/student exchanges programmes, for promoting joint workshop programmesThe workshop will involve policymakers and specialists on TVET, directorsand principals from TVET institutions and representatives from industrialsectors. Regarding the initial stage of this regional effort, the programme will


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