2nd HOM SEA-TVET Booklet

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    The year 2016 has marked the beginning of the full implementation of initiativesunder ASEAN integration, some of which relate to Technical and VocationalEducation and Training (TVET) such as human resource development andcapacity building, recognition of professional qualifications and integratingindustries across the region to promote regional sourcing. This will eventuallyincrease rapid movement of trade and investment, as well as the mobility ofpeople across the region.At the regional level, TVET has been identified as a one of the seven priority areason education in Southeast Asia. This development came from consultationsheld in 2012 initiated by SEAMEO and the ADB (Asian Development Bank)under the SEAMEO College Project. After two years of implementation,education ministers across Southeast Asia have acknowledged the importanceof TVET, and during the Strategic Dialogue of Education Ministers (SDEM)meeting in September 2014 they confirmed TVET as one of the post-2015seven priority areas of SEAMEO and Southeast Asia.In response to the ASEAN integration; the perceived mobility of skilledworkers in the region; and the need to improve the quality of TVET inSoutheast Asia, SEAMEO in collaboration with the Office of the VocationalEducation Commission, Ministry of Education Thailand organised the 1stHigh Officials Meeting (HOM) on SEA-TVET on 24-26 August 2015 at theShangri-la Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was held under the theme:“Working Together towards Harmonisation and Internationalisation of TVETin Southeast Asia”.As a result from the 1st HOM on SEA-TVET, the “Chiang Mai Joint Statementon Harmonisation and Internationalisation of TVET in Southeast Asia”,including 4 priority industry areas were officially announced as the regionalpolicy directions that emerged from the TVET High Officials Round TableMeeting. Details of the Chiang Mai Joint Statement are in Appendix 1 - ChiangMai Joint Statement)To further implement the regional policy directions from the 1st HOM onSEA-TVET, SEAMEO in collaboration with Ministries of Education and otherrelated Ministries of the host countries and development agencies organisedthe Country - Level Workshops on SEA-TVET Harmonisation and Mobilityin 8 countries, namely, Indonesia (10-12 Sept 2015), Cambodia (9-10 Oct.2015), Thailand (26-28 Nov. 2015), Myanmar (4-5 Dec. 2015), Lao PDR (22-23 Dec. 2015), and Malaysia (1-3 Mar. 2016). The Country Level Workshop inPhilippines and Vietnam will be also organised by May 2016.The workshops at country level have served as a platform for establishingpartnership and networking among the participating TVET institutions in thehost countries and with other TVET institutions from other Southeast Asiancountries. The workshops also aim to explore collaborative action plans andpartnership commitments for piloting student and teacher exchanges andother joint activities. In addition, the SEA-TVET Consortium website has beendeveloped as a platform for networking among the TVET institutions in theAfter 1 year of implementation, it is crucial that the TVET high officials, policymakers and directors of TVET institutions to review the implementationof SEA-TVET programme during 2015/2016 and further determine otherregional strategies which will accelerate partnership among TVET institutionsand implementation of student and teachers exchange programmes, as wellas provide other regional strategies to improve the quality of TVET in theWith the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture – Indonesia, andGIZ, the 2nd High Officials Meeting on SEA-TVET will be organised on 12-14May 2016 in Bali, Indonesia.



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